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Vipin Shared His Tips to Clear CDS Exam after Graduation

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Let me share my own example. During the last days of the senior year of my degree, I attended the movie Prahar, which is one of the best I have ever seen. This created a lasting impact on my mind and decided to join the Indian Army as an officer .I knew, therefore, that I needed to burn the CDS exam to be held on August 17, 2003. I wrote my final exam, April 21, 2013 and wanted to start my preparation for the UPSC CDS exam.

I was only 3 months at my disposal, therefore, above all, I took a review document from the previous year’s CDSE. This helped me to understand where I was at the time. It occurred to me that I could not complete the program whatever the time I had. So I spent a day or two on the list of chapters that have experienced a strong trend. Then I marked chapters where I was good. Now it was clear in which chapters focus and leave those that relate to my preparation.

At that time, we were not aware of shortcuts or tricks to solve problems, so we résolais issues traditionally. However, I was fast enough to solve a number of problems in the indicated period. I was the whole hog in these 3 months, I have managed to complete the things I had decided before starting to prepare. I have not studied anything but the most important and it is also with a deeper sense of understanding. Everything I used to study, I used to practice regularly.

On August 17, 2003, I wrote the review and broke my first attempt.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

If you are serious to join the armed forces of India, you should start studying from today. If you already know the topics, I will advise you 3-4 months, but if you are accustomed to start, you have to give it about 4-5 months.

The first 3 months, should focus on the implementation of the course.

Divide the general knowledge of a wise section and assign one topic at a time as 10-15 days and complete it on time.

After finishing, solve the MCQ, you will like this one.

Practice math regularly. It takes 1 hour or more.

The same thing happens with English 1 hour. 30 minutes every day. 30 minutes to detect the error and 30 rules for the 30 minute vocabulary of practice.

Inculcate the habit of reading newspapers and discuss current topics in written and SSB exams.

And in the last 15 days before last year’s review articles.

And that surely will.

And yes, before you start looking, you should see the model from the previous year, SMARTWork is an important factor in this test.

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Mumbai Police To Drop FIR Against AIB For Dog-Filter Meme On PM Modi

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Mumbai Police To Drop FIR Against AIB For Dog-Filter Meme On PM Modi

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Mumbai Police To Drop FIR Against AIB For Dog-Filter Meme On PM Modi

After AIB has published a meme that was a collage of doppelganger Narendra Modi waiting at a train station and a rectified MP image using the dog filter, many supporters Premier hit the Comedy Group, who pressured her to remove MemeOUTLOOK WEB BUREAUMumbai police suspended the FIR against AIB for the dog filter, even in PM ModiFILE PHOTOMailPrintShareShareAAA INCREASE text size

Bombay police have decided to present FIR against the comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) to have published a meme on Snapchat showing PM Modi with a dog filter.

A report in Mid-Day said sources in Mumbai police have confirmed the tabloid a summary C will be filed in the case.

A summary C is presented when there is an error committed when filing the criminal complaint.
The ad opens in a new window

On Friday, the Mumbai police cell has registered a FIR against Friday Bakchod All India after the comedy group has published a meme showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi using the filter dog at Snapchat.

The FIR was registered after the legal consultation with the Bandra-Kurla cyber police station.

After AIB has published a meme which was a collage of Doppelganger Narendra Modi which was waiting at a train station and a rectified MP image using the dog filter, many supporters Premier beat comedy group, who forced it To shoot at it.

The controversy did not seem to collapse with her because the questions quickly took a legal tender with Mumbai police filed a complaint by the same.

All India Bakchod is no stranger to controversy and legal problems. Founder Tanmay Bhatt has faced a severe contraction last year when he shared a video titled “Sachin v / s Lata Civil War” which he represents as a former cricket player and singer. The video has also received criticism and attracted several FIRs.

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Telangana govt caps weight of school bags for students from primary to Class X

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Telangana govt caps weight of school bags for students from primary to Class X

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Telangana govt caps weight of school bags for students from primary to Class X

Telangana schoolchildren no longer carry a bunch of textbooks and exercise books after a government order on Tuesday that covers the weight of school bags for elementary school students to class X.

The order, which went into effect Wednesday made it mandatory for all school departments to ensure that students do not carry more weight than the prescribed school bags.

According to the order, the maximum weight of a school bag with textbooks and notebooks should not exceed 1.5 kg for classes 1 and II; 2-3 kg for classes III to V; 4 classes kg VI and VII; 4,50 kg for classes VIII and IX and 5 kg for classmates X.

So far, schoolchildren transporting luggage 6 kg to 12 kg at the primary level and up to 17 kg at the secondary level, according to the Government.

“This has a severe and adverse physical effect on growing children that can damage their knees, spine and can also cause anxiety disorders among students,” the order said.

The order stated that the burden was caused by the fact that children bring textbooks, guides, books, workbooks, etc. Thick to class every day. Therefore, clear instructions are needed on what to bring to schools, he said.

The school address must inform students before textbooks and notebooks to take to school on a given day. The ministry has asked schools to educate parents and students about the appropriate types of school bags for use.

The order also said that it should not be homework for elementary students and that all work on the exercises are given at the end of each unit or course of textbooks should be done during school hours under the supervision of teachers .

“Schools must plan VI to X task classes by assigning task-specific days for specific materials,” the order said.

The order also requires schools to provide potable water to prevent children from having bottles of water at home, increasing their load.

The Children’s Rights Association of Andhra Pradesh welcomed the decision and said the government must ensure strict compliance with the order.

“Authorities must take action against school addresses that emphasize exercise books and other documents, because of the overload of students,” said association president P Achyuta Rao.

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Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s passport revoked

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Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s passport revoked

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Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s passport revoked

Mumbai: The Foreign Ministry has revoked the passport of Zakir Naik, the controversial Islamic preacher who is wanted in connection with alleged terrorist financing and money laundering cases in the country.

“The Passport Regional Office in Mumbai has approved the request of the State Agency of Investigations (NIA) to revoke Zakir Naik’s passport,” a spokesman for the anti-terrorism agency said on Tuesday.

NIA had issued three notifications under article 160 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to Naik, asking him to join the investigation, but not appear before him, said in a statement here.

D. Roopa: the highest COP Karnataka
The section authorizes a police officer to call someone who seemed like no one seemed to know the facts and circumstances of the case.

Subsequently, on April 21, the presiding judge of the additional sessions of the special court of the National Agency issued a non-binding order against him.

On June 15, the court issued a notice order requesting Naik’s appearance in front of him, he added. After Naik is not happy with these guidelines, the anti-terrorist agency has asked the Foreign Ministry to revoke his passport, according to the statement.

Télésminariste 51, who is currently abroad, is wanted on charges related to terrorism and money laundering.

The Mumbai-based preacher, who left India on July 1, 2016, came under the pretext of security agencies after terrorists allegedly involved in an attack on a coffee shop in Dhaka in July last year have said Which were inspired by his speeches.

Naik had his passport renewed in January last year and a value of 10 years. The NIA took place from 18 November to, 2016, recorded a case against Naik at its branch in Bombay in various provisions of the Indian Penal Code Act and the Illicit Activities (Prevention) Act.

Its NGO based in the city, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), which has already been declared an illegal organization by the Center. Naik has acquired citizenship of Saudi Arabia, but has not been independently confirmed.

The controversial preacher was accused of spreading hatred through his provocative speeches, financing terrorists and laundering tens of millions in recent years.

Naik, a physician turned preacher, interacting with the Indian media from his overseas shelter has repeatedly denied all charges.

You were advised by the passport authorities asking why your travel document should not be revoked.

Interpol contacted Naik following a one-year investigation in which the NIA has collected evidence of its RFID and TV Peace used to purport to promote hatred among different religious groups.

In addition to banning its NGO, the central government withdrew its air television.

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Naidu files VP nomination, leaves BJP with heavy heart

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Naidu files VP nomination, leaves BJP with heavy heart

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Naidu files VP nomination, leaves BJP with heavy heart

NEW DELHI “Venkaiah Naidu find a way around all this,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Foreign Minister, said Sushma Swaraj with tribute that could deprive Naidu of constitutional charge two of his interests in pets: media and Frequent trips.

The PM’s response, usually discreetly discredibly, raised another chuckle, because the comment acknowledged that Naidu was not the type to attach the protocol and care of the office.

The President of the Government, who has often asked Naidu’s itinerant way, should know.

“Do not worry, we will not lower blood pressure,” said Prime Minister Naidu after the BJP leader ran his bid on Tuesday.

Letting the party that the next vice president will require is not an easy task for Naidu was an ideologically committed warrior in the cause of saffron.

The leader stressed so much at the meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board Monday that he has the excitement and could not continue after a certain point.

The meeting ended with the lightest and most famous because his colleagues have identified his penchant for speech allitiers and how this could lead to greater seriousness. Modi Naidu noted that he would become president of RS after four uninterrupted terms.
BJP leader Amit Shah said at the meeting that Naidu’s rise was a loss for the party, while Modi said the leader had personally visited almost every district in the country.

“Those who have worked for the BJP know how he (Naidu) works,” said Mr. Modi. “He was a good listener and relevant articles always in cabinet meetings,” he added.

“Having been raised by the party after losing my mother at a very young age, it was very painful to leave the organization,” Naidu told his party mates. “I got the idea.

I also told my colleagues that I would like to see Modi back in 2019 and I will call and join the social service … but fate decides otherwise. I agree with the resolution after the discussion, “Naidu said.

“I am now above the part.I do not belong to a party.From a history of humble agriculture, I reached that level because of the support of the people and the BJP,” a-tt added.

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Archaic laws, corruption plague jails, as reforms gather dust

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Archaic laws, corruption plague jails, as reforms gather dust

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Archaic laws, corruption plague jails, as reforms gather dust

BENGALURU: Dap’s amazing revelations at D Roopa’s central prison, Parappana Agrahara in Bangalore, shocked the state government and asked uncomfortable questions about the management of prisons in the state.

Even before Roopa, raised voices in the sordid truths about life within prisons in Karnataka, these problems are known. But neither the Department nor the state government house took any action.

Officials who have held the post of head of the prison department in the past have said that the genesis of all these allegations were 123-year criminal laws and apathy of the state government in building infrastructure and labor supply.

Although the prison manual has been revised twice since its enactment, many archaic laws still govern the situation in the state.

For example, the handbook allows serving alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to inmates – and this rule is often misused to supply liquor within the prison. The prison law of 1894 was designed colonial era, taking into account the high level of freedom fighters in prisons.

The manual also includes obsolete homemade food, often misused to provide medicines, mobile phones, among other illegal things.

The manual also allows prison authorities to organize a canteen welfare prisoners which became a way to gain illegal profits for prison staff, the selling price at exorbitant prices.

For example, a senior officer who served in Parappana Agrahara said that about 2,000 cooked eggs are sold for a daily Rs 10 for 0 4 200 inmates, while the current cost should be Rs 5.

In 2016, a model law project on prisons has been distributed by the Center to States to replace the archaic law in prisons in 1894, but the bill has not been enacted.

ST Ramesh, retired ADGP and former Inspector General (prisons) said that prisons have been forgotten by governments on duty as they allocate funds only to pay prison staff and feed the detainees.

This resulted in a huge staff crisis and inadequate infrastructure in all prisons in the state, he added.

What Affects Those Of Cats?
Inefficiency, corruption, violence, sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcohol smuggling, prostitution, brutal living conditions and blatant connivance of prison officials, patronage of some convicts and high-level non-commissioned officers, Official apathy and political interference have been linked to state prisons.

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Doklam standoff: India raises China tension with visiting Australian foreign minister

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Doklam standoff: India raises China tension with visiting Australian foreign minister

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Doklam standoff: India raises China tension with visiting Australian foreign minister

As the China-India border continued, New Delhi discussed current tensions with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Tuesday when he met with Economy Minister Sushma Swaraj, Minister of Finance and Defense Arun Jaitley. The issue was also raised during his interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi late in the evening.

Including the fact that it was a “long-term conflict,” Australian Chancellor explained the position of his country saying that “territorial disputes must be settled peacefully between the applicant countries.”

Comparing the border dispute faced by many countries in disputed waters with China, he said: “In the case of maritime disputes, it must be subject to the Convention.

In the same way, with disputes over the land, these must be settled peacefully among the concurrent creditors. And we asked the country to do this. ”

Australia is concerned about any “escalation of tensions” that could lead to a “miscalculation” and “bad judgment,” he said.

Speaking to “The Second Indo-Pacific Prayer” organized by the Australian High Commission in New Delhi and the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), Bishop reiterated concern that the world community with a rule-based purpose that is distorted Referring to the growth of Beijing’s aggression in the sea waters of southern China.

“Rule-based order is reflected and confirmed in the Indo-Pacific, rule-based ordering that allows states to work in peace and resolve disputes peacefully.” This order is increasingly under threat, he added.

This recognition by the government of India is the first thing after China urged diplomats from various countries in Beijing to inform them of what is happening to the juxtaposition between India and Bhutan and China.

REALIZING foreign governments
A former White House chief, Joshua White, said he was concerned about development, which says: “China is designed to describe history.”

By adding “we saw that China has a certain type of behavior in the South China Sea, where it creates facts on the ground, in the water, in this case, and gradually begins to change the status quo. , It would not be very surprising if China were to do something similar in this case and that is disturbing. ”

Although India began to involve foreign governments during the crisis, China continues its firm stance on the issue to devote to its request for “withdrawal of Indian troops” and, as the aforementioned daily PLA, China has displaced To tens of thousands of tons of military material “in Tibet. Another movement to show a military preparation in the case of escalation.

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Nagaland CM fails to turn up for floor test, opposition calls it an act of conceding defeat

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Nagaland CM fails to turn up for floor test, opposition calls it an act of conceding defeat

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Nagaland CM fails to turn up for floor test, opposition calls it an act of conceding defeat

A day after the Supreme Court of Guwahati rejected his petition against the governor’s directive to conduct a ground examination, Nagaland Chief Minister shürhozelie liezietsu, and his followers, did not present the extraordinary state meeting On Kohima Wednesday morning, despite his opponents have described it as an act of defeat against.

While the house was open at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, according to the directive of Governor PB Acharya to be known Tuesday night, Prime Minister Liezietsu-one lawmakers of the Naga People’s Front (NPF), which They were on their side, not show.

Forty-seven lawmakers, four and seven independent BJP, however, were present, until the head of government proposes a soil analysis.

A few minutes after calling the House to order, President Imtiwapang announced the postponement of the house due to the absence of the head of government who had moved the motion of the House’s confidence.

Later President Imtiwapang rushed Raj Bhavan to present his report on the deliberations of the house for the governor. The contents of the report are unknown.

Zeliang camp, which clearly had 47 legislators from the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) – made up of 36 NPF, BJP four and seven independent members – was nevertheless optimistic and demanded the immediate resignation or dismissal of the government headed by Shurhozelie Liezietsu.

“It is absolutely clear now.” Shurhozelie not even the moral courage to seek a vote of confidence in the Assembly, “a lawmaker close to former Prime Minister Zeliang said.

Meanwhile Tuesday Popular Front Naga (NPF), whose president is the head of government shürhozelie liezietsu, announced their decision to limit ties with the BJP and withdraw the DAN.

He also clarified the division of the NPF, with the Zeliang faction with the BJP with seven independent members.

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Live: 'Even a coolie earns more than a nurse in Kerala' Lok Sabha discusses plights of nurses

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Live: ‘Even a coolie earns more than a nurse in Kerala’ Lok Sabha discusses plights of nurses

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Live: ‘Even a coolie earns more than a nurse in Kerala’ Lok Sabha discusses plights of nurses

On the third day of the monsoon session of Parliament hold a brief debate on the agrarian crisis and recent killings and violence in the name of protection cows.

Lok Sabha was postponed until 12 hours after members of Congress have tried to discuss suspension issues in Question Time. They continued with slogans when the President rejected his request.

Rajya Sabha also witnessed a brief recess. But unlike Tuesday’s session, which has been removed, progress is being made on Wednesday’s list of cases.

In addition to the discussion, a number of pending bills since Tuesday should also be discussed.

Live Updates
12:47: Anand Bhaskar Ropulu says IT employees are facing a brusque ending. What the Minister of Labor will do, since there are no retirement benefits.

12:40: Prahlad Joshi takes the report presented by DIG Roopa irregularities in prisons in Karnataka. It is mentioned that prisoners receive VIP “excellent facilities”. He goes on to say that the complainants are transferring. Members of Congress oppose it.

12:37: Minister Nadda said that the matter is very serious. A committee has made it clear that nurses should not be less than Rs. 20,000 salary in a 200-bed hospital. The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines for States to implement the committee’s report. States must comply with the committee’s report.

12:32: Anto Antony said that private hospitals pay Rs 200 per day for nurses .. Even a peon worker earns more in Kerala, he said. The problems of nurses working in private institutions and hired workers are pathetic across the country. M. Antony wants the Government to present a comprehensive bill in this regard. K. C. Venugopal also joined the question.

12:30 a.m .: Rajya Sabha reassembled. The question time continues. The Minister of Culture, Mahesh Sharma, answers questions about the interpreters’ fees.

24:26 Anurag Thakur talking about rape of a teenager in Himachal Pradesh. Even after 15 days, the perpetrators have not been arrested, he said. The government of Himachal Pradesh is sleeping in it, he said.

24:24 Even after repeated requests by Mrs. Mahajan to interrupt her speech, M. Yadav continues to speak. He stops and goes to the next person.

12:18 In the Lok Sabha, Mulayam Singh Yadav speaks Chinese incursion. China is ready to attack India, he says. He said that India should continue to support the independence of Tibet and is expected to continue with the Dalai Lama.

24:16 Members obscure the good shouting slogans against cow vigilantism. Rajya Sabha was postponed until 12.30.

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Mystery around MHADA CEO son's death continues, cops suspect suicide

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Mystery around MHADA CEO son’s death continues, cops suspect suicide

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Mystery around MHADA CEO son’s death continues, cops suspect suicide

The director of the Maharashtra Housing and Ordinance Development Authority (Mhada), Milind Mhaiskar, 18, was found dead in strange circumstances in a luxury residential building in Malabar Hill Tuesday morning.

Manmath Mhaiskar, a resident of Marine Lines, went to meet his friend, who lives in Dariya Mahal, Malabar Hill, around 7am. His body was found in the building more than an hour later.

Police recorded an accidental death report and arrested two of his friends in connection with his death.

Police said Manmath left his house early in the morning, apparently on the pretext of meeting his friend. Around 8am, police Malabar Hill reported a young man lying in a pool of blood, below the height.

“We have been transferred to a JJ hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” said one officer. It is still unclear whether this is a suicide or accidental fall. We are investigating the matter, “said Rashmi Karandikar, DCP PRO.

The cops have no idea what might have caused the drastic measure of Manmath.

There are only a few days, Manmath had left home at Marine Lines to move to Pune, where he studied law.

On Saturday, he returned to Mumbai for a break. Tuesday at 7 am, he told his parents that he was going to meet his friend at Dariya Mahal in Napean on the way to the sea. An hour later, his body was discovered.

“I was busy with the chores when I heard a commotion. I went down and found a child lying on the floor, which was a very painful sight,” said one resident.

“We found the boy in a pool of blood, his skull was fractured. He was taken to JJ Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” said a police officer.

The autopsy was performed at the JJ Hospital and extreme unction were performed at Chandanwadi crematory where CM Devendra Fadnavis, ministers and senior bureaucrats were present.

“At first glance it seems to be a suicide case. The terrace door was open and security Manmath allowed to enter the building, since it was a frequent visitor,” said another officer.

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