Chinese media now debates military options as Doklam crisis festers

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Chinese media now debates military options as Doklam crisis festers

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The Chinese media campaign on the Doklam crisis became clearer, more strident and rare, with a Thursday threatening daily that Chinese authorities may soon issue an “ultimatum” to India to end the impasse of the Himalayas.
At the same time, the state-run Xinhua news agency has released a video that mocks India for “deliberately ignoring the magnitude of the growth crisis.”

Both elements allude to the urgency to defuse the crisis and avoid a war through the unilateral withdrawal of India from the Doklam tray. Writing in the Global Times, which, according to analysts, may not reflect the government’s vision, says China is likely to issue an “ultimatum” before September, demanding the total withdrawal of Indian troops.

He quoted Xu Guangyu, a retired Rear Admiral and adviser to the China Association for Arms Control and Disarmament, saying that “if India keeps its troops on Chinese territory, the Chinese and the Chinese Foreign Ministries are very likely to issue a Ultimatum before September “. China contends that India violated its “sovereignty” in Doklam by sending its troops to stop construction of Chinese roads in the region. China’s position is rejected by Bhutan, who has publicly stated that the Doklam junta is a disputed territory between the two countries.

Admiral Xu said, “The ultimatum clearly indicates to India and the world that China will give a number of days in India to withdraw its troops.” After the deadline, if Indian troops still remain in the territory of China, India Will be responsible for all the consequences.China has multiple ways to push India to its own soil if India ignores the ultimatum because a few dozen soldiers and a bulldozer [in] Doklam is a piece of cake for the Chinese army. ”

But Admiral Xu acknowledged that “Indian troops rise, and if there is bloodshed, China must be fully prepared for a military conflict.” The newspaper then highlighted the combat superiority of China because of its world-class rocket artillery and its airpower Based on combat aircraft, bombers and helicopters operating from “at least five major airports in Tibet.

He also noted that arrangements are being made to obtain sufficient supplies of blood from several provinces. He added that blood stock from the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province was probably transferred to Tibet. Sometimes a video of Xinhua in English, titled “The Seven Deadly Sins of India” to a young foreign audience, accusing India of “trampling on international law” and “confusing good and evil” in the Doklam crisis. Presenter accused the Indian authorities to be “so thick” for not recognizing that they “trample under international law” by introducing “undisputed” Chinese territory.

“When the world is trying to wake up the momentum of India, China has realized that it is impossible to wake up a guy who says to sleep,” said the presenter. The camera that becomes an actor, with a beard and Sikh turban. In the middle of a canned laugh, he heads his head and speaks English with a pronounced Indian accent. Focusing on Doklam moving to the use of force options, an article in the state newspaper China asks the question: “Therefore, China should use force if India continues to refuse to withdraw its troops?” If so , On what scale, and what price are you willing to pay? “

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