AIADMK functionary’s daughter appointed Smart Cities CEO

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AIADMK functionary’s daughter appointed Smart Cities CEO

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The appointment of a person under 28 years of age with limited experience as CEO of the agency that implements the Smart Cities project several hundred dollars in Coimbatore has been criticized.

R. Suganya, the daughter of former AIADMK MP K. P. Raju, took office on 11 August. She was appointed a few days before, after having been interviewed by Commissioner and Special Agent Coimbatore Corporation, K. Vijayakarthikeyan, Deputy Commissioner P. Gandhimathi and the city engineer.

Ms. Suganya, after completing her MBA in 2012, worked as a human resources assistant in a manufacturing industry in the past six months in an advanced private hospital, back in human resources.

It was his first exposure to urban governance or government employment. Suganya would charge a salary of ₹ 1 lakh per month with an additional 10 percent depending on performance-related pay. And his term would be three years.

The sources of the company aware of the developments said that even under the revised guidelines of the government, Ms Suganya did not meet the eligibility criteria, as she had not two years of experience in the urban sector

The state government had first published advertisements looking for people with 15 years of experience and five urban area a monthly fee of ₹ 2 lakh. He then mitigated up to three years of experience, including two years in the urban sector.

Sources alleged that even when the highest standards were in vogue (15 years), their candidacy had strong support. As she did not meet the criterion of 15 years of experience, she was not selected. Now, with revised standards, she sailed.

However, Mr. Vijayakarthikeyan disputed the allegations and said that among the 21 candidates, none met the eligibility criteria and only Sra Suganya did. This could easily be checked from records.

City administration Commissioner G. Prakash said that the government revised the standards only after realizing that for the eligibility criteria that had been set for the CEO, it was difficult to find people in Out of Government Establishment. And I did not want to delay the appointment for long.

Political parties, however, have taken advantage of the dilution of eligibility criteria and the appointment of people close to the party in power. The vice president of the BJP state, Vanathi Srinivasan, said that it is unfortunate that the administration of the city of Coimbatore is introduced for a political office.

The party would note the central administration for Smart Cities was one of the prime minister’s star projects.

After losing the bus for not fully capitalizing on the JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal) project, the city can not afford to lose the Smart Cities project, said former mayor P. Rajkumar of the AIADMK. Have been the criterion of appointment And no other consideration, he said.

DMK MLA N. Karthik also approved the appointment of the Coimbatore Corporation. This has only demonstrated the level of political interference. The Minister of Municipal Administration S.P. Velumani could not be reached.

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